Glamping Essentials for a Luxurious Stay at Wild Trails Yala by Suri

Welcome to the enchanting world of Wild Trails Yala by Suri, where the wilderness meets the lap of luxury. While you are glamping in Yala, we want to ensure that every moment is filled with comfort, style, and the adventures of the wild. To make your stay truly comfortable, we've curated a list of glamping essentials that will enhance your experience at our safari glamping. Let's dive into the must-pack items for an extraordinary escapade!

Safari Attire:
Think lightweight, breathable fabrics in neutral tones to keep you cool under the sun. Don't forget a wide-brimmed hat and your favorite sunscreen. Also, taking a bush walk with the ranger would be awesome if you have comfortable, closed-toe shoes.

And why neutral tones? The idea on a safari is that you spot wild animals – not that they spot you. So, you want to blend in with the environment as much as possible to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. You can read more about this in our  “ Dos and Don'ts for Responsible Wildlife Viewing in Yala blog post. 

Also, the game drives are in open vehicles, so that it can be chilly in the early mornings and evenings. Make sure you get a scarf to wrap around in case you feel too cold. If you visit any Buddhist temples in the area, you must pack a long skirt, sarong, or a long cloth to wrap before entering the temple. 

Binoculars and Camera Gear:
A pair of quality binoculars and a reliable camera will ensure you don't miss a single detail. Yala National Park is a photographer's paradise, from the majestic elephants to the elusive leopards. No fancy camera? Don't worry about it. Our drivers will help you take mobile photographs as best as possible.

Portable Charger and Power Bank:
Our glamping site is solar-powered, and we have a generator too. But just in case, pack your power bank, too. Ensure your devices stay charged with a reliable portable charger or power bank. Having an additional battery for your camera will also be a good decision.

Cozy Loungewear:
Pack your favorite loungewear for evenings by the campfire, sharing stories with fellow glampers under the vast, starlit sky. And since we are in the middle of the jungle, get your mosquito repellent if you get trouble with mosquitoes when sitting outside the tent. 

Flashlight or Headlamp:
As the sun sets over the wild, the night comes alive with its magic. So, a flashlight or headlamp is essential for navigating to and from your glamping tent, ensuring you don't miss a step in this enchanting wilderness. Don’t have one? Don’t worry, our staff is always there to help you navigate the campsite. 

Medications and first aid kit:
Carrying necessary medications and a basic kit for minor injuries or illnesses is always wise. We also have first aid kits with the essentials; if there is anything, just contact a staff member, and they will help you. Since we are away from the town, ensure you get any over-the-counter medicine from the town of Thissamaharama. 

Reusable water bottle:
You can stay hydrated by bringing a reusable water bottle to refill throughout your glamping trip. We are trying to minimize the usage of single-use plastic, so you can always ask for a refill from the staff. And they’ll happily help you and get filtered water for you. 

Positive Vibes and Adventurous Spirit:
Most importantly, bring along an open heart and a sense of adventure. Embrace the wild and savor the luxury of glamping at Wildtrails Yala by Suri.

Your glamping experience at Wildtrails Yala by Suri promises a blend of luxury and untamed nature. With these hand-picked essentials, you're not just packing for a getaway but preparing yourself for an extraordinary journey into the Sri Lankan wilderness. We can't wait to welcome you to our safari glamping paradise!

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