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Nature far off Words -Yala National Park

Revel in the remote and enchanted landscape situated in the southeastern tip of the country bordered by the Panoramic ocean. The Yala national wildlife park is situated about 295 km from the Colombo airport and is a four hour drive on the southern expressway.

Yala National Park is the second largest and most visited park in Sri Lanka. The surroundings where this park is situated also carries several historical and religious ruins revered and sacred to both the buddhists and the hindus of Sri Lanka. These ruins dates back several centuries to the period when King Kavan Tissa (205-161 BC) of Ruhunu pura ruled this part of the country. These are an added attraction especially during the annual pilgrimage (pada yathra). A walk undertaken by the devout Hindus of the nothern part of the Island which reaches Katharagama (a sacred temple erected in reverence to god Katharagama) during the period July/August.

Situated on an extent of 30,000 hectares of land known for its diverse variety of eco systems and rich biodiversity is home to 44 varieties of mammals and 215 bird species of which seven are endemic bird species.

Among its more famous inhabitants are the world’s biggest concentration of leopards, majestic Asian elephants, sloth bears, sambhurs, jackals, spotted dear, peacocks, crocodiles, wild buffaloes and a variety of migratory birds especially the paradise fly catchers and the Indian Pitta.

It is a must visit place if you’re looking for some awesome scenery that combines the ocean with spectacular rock formations.

Glamping in the Yala Jungle

Experience a touch of the wild combined with comfort and security when you stay at Wild Trails Yala by Suri. Nestled close to the sanctuary of Yala National Park, this high-end glamping experience will allow you to enjoy the rugged beauty the jungle has to offer while never being too far away from the comfort of a snug tent fitted out with hotel grade amenities.

Enjoy the remoteness of your unique surroundings that combine the tranquility of the ocean with jagged rock formations and take a walk through the park accompanied by an experienced guide. The Yala national wildlife park is about 295km away from the main Colombo airport and will take four hours to get to on the Southern Expressway. As the second largest in the country, it is a popular location with locals and tourists alike.


Historical and religious significance.

The park is also located in an area of deep historical and religious significance. Several ruins sacred to the Buddhists and Hindus of Sri Lanka are scattered about, some dating back many centuries to when King Kavan Tissa (205–161 BC) ruled the kingdom of Ruhuna. In July/August you may see part of the procession that makes up an annual pilgrimage: a walk by devout Hindus of the North journeying all the way to Katharagama, which is a sacred temple established to honor the god of the same name.

Yala National Park

The call of the wild is magnetic, and Yala National Park has its fair share of eco systems and rich biodiversity that 44 varieties of mammals and 215 bird species, 7 endemics to the island, call home. The park hosts the world’s largest concentration of leopards as well as towering Asian elephants, sloth bears, spotted deer, magnificent peacocks, crocodiles, wild buffaloes, and migratory birds including the shimmering Paradise flycatchers and the colorful Indian Pittas. As you stay in your tent at night you may hear the unique calls of these animals and in the day a visit to the park to view these birds and beasts is mere minutes away.


Our Glamping Tents

Wild Trails Yala By Suri borders the Yala park on the Sithulpawwa Road and is 20 minutes away from the main entrance to the sanctuary. Five luxury air-conditioned tents stand in the sheltered compound, each with a queen size bed, fan, and an electric kettle with tea and coffee provided. Outside there is an open deck that is perfect for relaxing with a cup of the island’s world renowned tea and listening to the birdsong around you.

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