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The Tale of Wild Trails Yala By Suri

Our story began in 2022 with a simple dream: to offer an unforgettable glamping experience in the buffer zone amidst the wonders of Yala National Park. In less than two years, we’ve achieved that dream, earning the title of the #1 rated glamping site in Yala and receiving recognition worldwide.

Throughout our journey, one thing has always stayed true: our promise to offer authentic Sri Lankan hospitality and the chance to soak in the beauty of Yala’s wilderness while ensuring we care for nature. From the support of our guests to our amazing growth, our values have been our compass, guiding us every step of the way.

Wilderness in Comfort : Stay, Tour & Experience.



The comfort of a luxury, air-conditioned tent close to the wild.

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Safari Tours

Safari Tours

Lifetime memories in the heart of Yala’s wilderness guided by our expert rangers.

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Embracing Our Values

Championing Sustainability & Protecting Yala

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We deeply respect wildlife and take social responsibility in protecting it. We support leopard conservation and strictly adhere to guidelines to prevent any activities that threaten the Yala ecosystem.

Passion for wildlife
and hospitality.

Our team, whether experienced drivers, rangers, or managers, shares a profound passion for two things: wildlife and hospitality. This passion translates into knowledge, experience, and professionalism that we promise will be highly valued by you.

Local Communities

We believe in providing job opportunities for people in our area and beyond, which is why we get our fresh food, like fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish, from the local community. This helps our society grow stronger together.

The team of wildlife lovers.

- The Sunday Times

“The roaming elephants cross the trail no sooner the area begins to darken. The bark of the deer as the night thickens, ever alert of the nocturnal hunt of the leopard. This is the routine of the jungle. As a nature lover, one that I’ve personally come to love with.

We launched Wild Trails Yala By Suri to provide adventure travelers with the opportunity to embrace the same experienced. Raw excitement of Yala’s wilderness together with the cozy comforts that our camp offers. We extend a warm welcome to all, inviting you to immerse yourself in this unforgettable experience.”

Sena Suriyapperuma

Founder & Managing Director